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Anyone who wants to experience the THINK CAMPUS in Potsdam, can either study the more than 1,000 years of art, culture and scientific history or just watch “Jerks”. In this multi-award-winning comedy series, the actors, Christian Ulmen and Fahri Yardım play themselves - only in Potsdam.

An innovation in the film industry - lean production, the production of a web series without a dialogue script.

The series “Jerks” takes place exclusively around the THINK CAMPUS in Potsdam. The two actors and friends, Christian Ulmen and Fahri Yardım play themselves and give shocking insights into their family life in the media city of Potsdam.

“Die Zeit” sums it up best: “Jerks” is a black and hopeless series, just what men in 2018 have earned for themselves. And by the way, it’s the best German comedy production around."

With 2 seasons under its belt, this idea has become a success and, with the "Best Innovation" prize, it is an excellent example of innovation in Potsdam’s media industry. Filming of the 3rd season, produced by ProSieben and Maxdome, has now begun at original locations in Potsdam...Spoiler alert!

Click here to visit the 1st and 2nd seasons of Jerks:


The quality of life on and around the THINK CAMPUS in Potsdam is uniquely high in terms of the Federal Republic of Germany. Potsdam ranks 4th among locations in Germany with the best quality of life - Berlin comes 189th out of the 401 places investigated.

For families, for children, for singles, for couples, for senior citizens, for guests, for visitors - life in Potsdam is something special for everyone. It starts in the morning out on the street, where it is customary to offer a friendly greeting to strangers. And like nowhere else in the world, except perhaps New York, you quickly find yourself deep in conversation. The openness to the wider world is there to be seen and heard every day - Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French and English and sometimes even Swabian, are regularly spoken.

The immediate surroundings of the THINK CAMPUS are full of secrets, stories and delights. There is an incredible abundance of culture, leisure, nature, sports and culinary delights. For many, a day on the THINK CAMPUS ends with a self-brewed beer from the “Alte Meierei” - with a view of the sunset over the Jungfernsee (Virgin’s Lake). Or a nice skinny-dip in the Heiliger See (Holy Lake). Or a run through the New Garden. Or a trip over the Jungfernsee in a dinghy. Or a delicious homemade Lasagne from Italian restaurateur, Chris Zanotto, in the Villa Schöningen before visiting the artist Neo Rauch’s latest exhibition. Some people prefer to watch the lunar eclipse alongside Mars from the Belvedere palace on the Pfingstberg hill. Some simply enjoy the pure lake air with its changing scents, which waft through the surrounding gardens and parks. And others agree to meet up for nightly picnics by one of the many lakes. If a place exists where there is an ideal work-life balance, it has to be the THINK CAMPUS and its surroundings in Potsdam.

Potsdam in figures:

  • Total area of Potsdam: 18,768 hectares
  • Residents in Potsdam and Berlin: 4,500,000.
  • Current residents of Potsdam: 177,144.
  • Residents of Potsdam in 2035: 220,144.
  • Research institutions in Potsdam: over 30
  • Scientific institutions in Potsdam: over 40
  • Students in Potsdam: 24,856 and 62,000 "virtual" students
  • Lakes in Potsdam: 20
  • Forests in and around Potsdam: 105,649 hectares
  • Nature protection areas in Potsdam: over 30


As early as 1685, the „Edict of Potsdam” obliged the citizens of the city to adopt an open and tolerant attitude. This attitude was re-confirmed by Potsdam's citizens in 2008 and it is lived out on a daily basis. Unlike any other science location, the THINK CAMPUS stands for open-mindedness and tolerance.


As a UNESCO world heritage site, the THINK CAMPUS is nestled among magnificent castles, gardens, parks and islands. Places where Friedrich Wilhelm I, Frederick the Great, Napoleon, Albert Einstein and Truman, Churchill and Stalin - just to name a few - once wrote world history.

Potsdam - a city boasting more than 1000 years of history, which has again and again stood in the focal point of German history. Potsdam was the royal seat and garrison city of Prussian kings, and was the court, military and administrative town. The sober tolerance of the Prussians, which always gladly accepted followers of other faiths and foreigners and thus founded the economic recovery of the state, is still reflected today in Potsdam’s image as a city. However, Potsdam is also the place where Hitler's Reichstag met for the first time in 1933. And it was here also, in 1945, that the Potsdam Agreement put an end to his regime. Following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the GDR district capital became the capital city of the newly founded state of Brandenburg.


The THINK CAMPUS has excellent connections to the international hub of Berlin-Brandenburg Airport and has a unique connection to the Berlin-Brandenburg infrastructure. A smart e-fleet, shuttles, bikes, water taxis and the canoes are just a few building blocks of the intelligent mobility solution on the THINK CAMPUS.

Deutsche Bahn
The trains laid on by Deutsche Bahn offer Potsdam a connection to Berlin in a matter of minutes, meaning that travelling on the RE1, you only need 25 minutes to get from Berlin’s main train station to its counterpart in Potsdam.

Public Transport
ViP - this abbreviation stands for "Verkehrsbetriebe in Potsdam” - the city’s public transport system. Buses and trains stop directly on the THINK CAMPUS. Here, too, innovation is there on view; autonomous trams without drivers now run through Potsdam - a research project by SIEMENS in Potsdam.

Car Sharing
Vehicles of all categories provided by FLINKSTER, GREENWHEELS, DRIVY and SNAPPCAR are at your disposal at any time and all over the THINK CAMPUS.

Driver Service
Of course, you can also order a taxi; however, in Potsdam it’s more common and more cost-effective to take an UBER.

Bike Sharing
Those who prefer to leave their own bike hanging on the wall, can always use one of the bikes provided by NEXTBIKE that are to be found around the THINK CAMPUS.

Water Taxi
The water taxi in Potsdam in Berlin-Brandenburg makes use of the extensive waterways and is the fast and relaxing choice for getting from A to B. The water taxis stop right on the THINK CAMPUS at the Schloss Cecilienhof station.

Those who prefer to set a course on their own dinghy, canoe, houseboat or motor boat can moor up for themselves at the jetty on the THINK CAMPUS.

SAP has set up a shuttle service especially for the THINK CAMPUS employees. With the expansion of the THINK CAMPUS, this mobility solution will also be extended.

In co-operation with SMART, an E-fleet will be built up exclusively for employees of the THINK CAMPUS - a fleet association from SMART Electric Drive and the Smart e-Bikes will then be available for reservation and use. Similarly, in co-operation with SOLARWATERWORLD AG, a water taxi route, running exclusively on solar energy is planned - the THINK CAMPUS jetty will be connected to the Glienicker-Brücke stop.

Distances from the THINK CAMPUS:

  • BER Airport // 44 minutes by car
  • Tegel Airport // 39 minutes by car
  • Schönefeld Airport // 44 minutes by car
  • Berlin Central Railway Station // 42 minutes by car
  • Potsdam Central Railway Station // 17 minutes by car
  • Media City Babelsberg // 20 minutes by car
  • University of Potsdam // 8 minutes by car
  • Jungfernsee // 1 minute’s walk
  • Heiliger See // 8 minutes by bike
  • Google Campus // 12.5 hours by plane
  • Apple Campus // 12.5 hours by plane


English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian are spoken on the THINK CAMPUS, as are S/4Hana Hana, Cloud, Leonardo, Java, PHP, and C++ and sometimes Swabian. With over 300 developers from over 20 countries, the THINK CAMPUS has no shortage of diversity.


When it came to thinking, Albert Einstein always preferred Potsdam as a science location to the city of Berlin. In his house close to the THINK CAMPUS, Einstein received great thinkers such as the first Asian Nobel winner, Rabindranath Thakur, where they then exchange ideas.

Between the years of 1911 and 1915, Albert Einstein worked on his General Theory of Relativity in Potsdam. In order to experimentally verify his thesis, he developed the idea of a space observatory with, among others, the astrophysicist, Erwin Finlay Freundlich, and the architect, Erich Mendelsohn. Thanks to Einstein's world-wide popularity, his position as a member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences and as Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics, the idea of a "tower telescope" was given a major boost.

This resulted in the Einstein Tower at the Babelsberg Observatory.

This observatory is a monument to innovation and collaboration in Potsdam. The solar observatory allowed foundational fundamental research into solar physics and thus served the further development of the General Theory of Relativity. Today, the Einstein Tower is operated by the renowned Leibnitz-Institute for Astrophysics and is celebrated as an outstanding example of Expressionist architecture by the star architects, Richard Neutra and Erich Mendelsohn.

„The sailing ship, the distant view, the lonely autumn walks, the relative calm; it is a paradise for thinking.“
Albert Einstein, Potsdam 1911

„Depth of thought does not thrive alongside hustle and bustle.
This is why the life of the big city is not for researchers and students.“

Albert Einstein, Potsdam 1929


The masterpieces of Gerhard Richter, Picasso, Monet, Emil Nolde in the Barberini Museum.
The historical art collections of the Prussian palaces and gardens in Berlin-Brandenburg.
The UNESCO world heritage site in Potsdam with castles such as Sanssouci, parks such as the New Garden or the mosque-like steam engine house.

The THINK CAMPUS and its surroundings is one great, and unique, art treasure.


The culture on and around the THINK CAMPUS is one of curiosity, diversity, commonality, open-mindedness and tolerance. The former centre of power of Prussia and residence of Frederick the Great has now become a centre for science, technology and media in Germany and is one of Europe's most dynamic metropolitan regions as a result.


The people on the THINK CAMPUS need to focus on thinking, so each individual employee has comprehensive services at his or her disposal to make life easier - the food delivery outfit, Lieferheld, supplies both regional and exotic delicacies - a veritable supermarket on wheels.

The service of one's own personal trainer, the logistics services provided by DHL, DPD, Hermes, UPS and GLS, cleaning services for everything from shirts to windows, the food services from Lieferheld, Lieferando and REWE, the regional organic food from the Bio Company and, and, and... At the THINK CAMPUS reception, matters of everyday business and private life are quickly and easily sorted out.


Would you like any additional information or would you be interested in taking a visit to the THINK CAMPUS or the science location of Potsdam?

Then we look forward to hearing from you.